05-15 Toyota Tacoma Retrofit Install

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05-15 Toyota Tacoma Retrofit Install

Tools Needed
-10MM socket and ratchet or 10MM wrench
-Phillips head screw driver
-Flat head screw driver

-Multimeter or Test Light

1. This is all the parts generally included in our packages, we always recommend laying everything out before the install to get familiar with what you are about to install.

2.After looking over all the parts we started removing all the top bolts for the grille and the headlights along with some plastic push connectors on the grille. Headlights will have 2 10MM bolts on tops and grill will have 2 10MM bolts in the middle and push connectors on the outside.

3. Next step is removing the grill to do so just pull up on the grill from the bottom and it should unclip from the headlights and come out without an issue.

4. Remove the lower headlight trim pieces. To do so you need to remove the single push pin from the lower trim and carefully pull towards your body until it unclips. When it unclips you will need to pull it away from the fender toward the grill for the trim to unclip from the fender.

5. Remove 10MM bolt that is located under the lower trim piece.

6. We then moved on to the bumper/fender portion of the install. There is on bolt holding the headlights inside the fender. You will need to partially unclip your fender liners to get to this bolt and while you are at this portion also unbolt the bumper 10MM bolt from the fender on driver side and passenger side.

7. At this point the headlights are free to come out. Takes a little wiggling to get them out so be patient. Don't forget to disconnect all the bulbs from the headlights.

8. This is now a perfect time to route all the wiring for your retrofits and tuck it and make it look nice. There is no particular order of which harness you should run first or anything. We installed all three harnesses at the same time because they shared a common ground and power and it was easier. After we did that then we proceeded to route all the wiring.

9. Common ground for the harnesses was an OEM location on the inside of the fender. (Our truck is a Supercharged TRD so your tacoma might not have some of wires or lines we have)

10. HID harness and Demon Eyes controller just need a common power strait from the battery.

11.This is the DRL Fuse tap for our halos. We used a multimeter to find which fuse we can tap that would only power our halos when vehicles was on and shut them off when its off. For our truck it was fuse labeled EFI2. EFI2 does randomly turn on through out the day which will make your halos turn on for about 30 seconds. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

12. Next we connected our Harness to the OEM bulb socket on the truck and also connected the ballast to the HID harness and tucked it away. The passenger side bulb sock does not connect to anything now and is left unconnected, so just wrap it on some electrical tape and tuck it or however you'd like to get it out of the way.

13. Next we tapped our blinker wire to give signal to our halos for the switchback function. At this point it is good to have a multimeter or a test light because all truck are not the same and colors are different. For our tacoma number three wire from the left on each plug was the signal wire. **NOTE** Tacoma with all time DTRL need to disable the DTRL for the switchback function to work.

14. Next step is running all the wiring from driver side to passenger side and making it look nice and neat.

15. Finally ready for the install of the lights! We set a light on the bumper but didn't bolt it in while connecting everything and don't forget the factory DTRL bulbs need to be plugged back in. Make sure you test everything before bolting the light in. At this point having an extra hand to hold the lights from falling is help full. Connect the High Beams, Demon eyes and/or Halos to the appropriate labeled plugs.

16. TEST EVERYTHING! before bolting anything back in test everything. If everything is good and functioning properly you can start bolting the lights back in. Do reverse of how you took them off and thats it! All you have left to do now is wait till its night time and adjust your headlights vertically to make sure they are to your liking and specs. Total time it took about one hour with taking pictures. We missed a lot of pictures so we apologize, we don't usually do How-To so its a learning curve.

Kustom 54 Lighting is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle, your headlights or injury to yourself during the install. When purchasing our products be aware that these are aftermarket products that need professional installation, this includes our headlight retrofits units. Any aftermarket modifications done to your vehicle and headlights may not be DOT compliant.