14-18 Toyota 4Runner Retrofit Install

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14-18 Toyota 4Runner Retrofit Install

Tools Needed
-10MM socket and ratchet or 10MM wrench
-Phillips head screw driver
-Flat head screw driver

-Multimeter or Test Light

1. Remove Front Bumper

2. Remove old headlights

3. After completely removing headlights, we will use the supplied T-Taps on both sides into the blinker wires as shown in the below pictures. 

Passenger Side

Drivers Side

4. Install all the blinker and running plugs into your new headlight, also make sure to connect the OEM high beam plug to your new Morimoto MLED High Beam plug if your retrofit has MLED projector upgrade.  Make sure you connect the high beam correctly or you will blow your high beam fuse.  Connect the "-" Morimoto ballast to white wire on your OEM high beam plug.

6.  If your retrofit came with MLED projectors you will need to disable your factory DRL to avoid flickering.

7. If your headlight set came with Demon Eyes or Color Changing Halos, simply connect the control box we supply to the positive and negative post of the battery then connect to the headlight.  Do not remove any wiring we preinstall on your headlights without discussing with us first.

6. TEST EVERYTHING! before bolting anything back in test everything. If everything is good and functioning properly you can start bolting the lights back in. Do reverse of how you took them off and thats it! All you have left to do now is wait till its night time and adjust your headlights vertically to make sure they are to your liking and specs. Total time it took about one hour with taking pictures. We missed a lot of pictures so we apologize, we don't usually do How-To so its a learning curve.

Kustom 54 Lighting is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle, your headlights or injury to yourself during the install. When purchasing our products be aware that these are aftermarket products that need professional installation, this includes our headlight retrofits units. Any aftermarket modifications done to your vehicle and headlights may not be DOT compliant.