16-19 Toyota Tacoma AB6 Retrofit Install

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16-19 Toyota Tacoma AB6 Retrofit Install

Tools Needed
-10MM socket and ratchet or 10MM wrench
-Phillips head screw driver
-Flat head screw driver

-Multimeter or Test Light

1. Remove the grille by removing 2 10mm screws on top of the grille and 2 push clips at the corners of the grill.
2. Remove the grille by pulling forward carefully until the grille unclips from the vehicle.
3. Remove the bumper by unclipping 6 push clips on top of the bumper
         (a) 1 plastic screw on each side of the fender well
         (b) 1 10mm screw on each side of the fender well
         (c) 2 10mm screws in the center underneath the bumper
         (d) unplug your fog lights if equipped
         (e) bumper now is ready to come off, carefully pull on the sides of the bumper out until you hear it unclip from the body.
4. Remove the headlights by removing top 2 10mm screws, 1 10mm from the side of each headlight.
5. Unplug all the wiring from your old headlight, while doing so note which plugs go where, labeling the low and high beam plugs is a good idea at this point.

Your new retrofits are ready to install and we made them very simple to do so.

1. If your retrofits came with HIDs, you  will need to connect the HID harness to your factory driver side low beam plug.  Connect the harness positive and negative wires to the battery.  Connect the harness ballast plugs to your new ballasts.  The passenger side low beam OEM plug will not plug into anything so just set it aside. Connect the  new high beam plug to your factory high beam.
**NOTE**  Test the low beam and high beam functions if either one doesn't work, that means the plug was connected in the wrong polarity.  All you need to do is disconnect the plugs and flip the connection 180 degrees.

2. Next you will need to tap the red wire on your AB6 retrofits from each side to the DRL Harness we provided.  Connect the provided fuse tap to your engine bay fuse box labeled INJ.

3. Next step will involve removing your factory blinker bulb with socket from your factory headlight and remove the factory bulb.  You will now use our supplied adapter and insert it into the socket where your factory bulb used to be and connect it to your factory wiring.  The gold metal resister needs to be mounted away from plastics or wiring as it does get hot when the blinkers are on.
**NOTE** Test the DRL function by turning your headlight switch to running light position.  Make sure to test both sides and also test the blinker function.  If the blinkers don't function that means the plug was installed incorrectly and need to be removed and flipped 180 degrees for correct polarity.
4. If your factory lights came with LED DRL, that plug will no longer be used and can be tapped off and set aside.
5. If your headlight set came with Demon Eyes or Color Changing Halos, simply connect the control box we supply to the positive and negative post of the battery then connect to the headlight.  Do not remove any wiring we preinstall on your headlights without discussing with us first.
6. TEST EVERYTHING! before bolting anything back in test everything. If everything is good and functioning properly you can start bolting the lights back in. Do reverse of how you took them off and thats it! All you have left to do now is wait till its night time and adjust your headlights vertically to make sure they are to your liking and specs. Total time it took about one hour with taking pictures. We missed a lot of pictures so we apologize, we don't usually do How-To so its a learning curve.

Kustom 54 Lighting is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle, your headlights or injury to yourself during the install. When purchasing our products be aware that these are aftermarket products that need professional installation, this includes our headlight retrofits units. Any aftermarket modifications done to your vehicle and headlights may not be DOT compliant.