1999-2002 Chevy Silverado Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/5/2019 to Chevrolet
Going out the door is a Silverado retrofit with our new RGBW halos paired with RGBW demon eyes.  We used a Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 projector with Gatling gun shrouds.  The entire housing was painted gloss black along with painted running/blinker lights.

Projectors: Morimoto H1 Bixenon Projectors 
Paint: Gloss Black Entire Housing 
Demon Eyes: RGBW Color Changing w/ RF Remote 
LED Ring Front Shroud: RGBW Color Changing w/ RF Remote

03-06 Chevy Silverado Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/25/2018 to Chevrolet
This Silverado retrofit got our H1 Bixenon retrofit projectors paired with Gatling gun shrouds and an All Lights On Mod.  The entire housing including the running lights were painted Sport Red Metallic with a clear reflector option instead of the amber.

-K54L Mini H1 Projectors
-Gatling gun shrouds
-Clear Reflector
-OEM Paint Match

03-06 Silverado NBS Quad Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/19/2017 to Chevrolet
This is a true quad bixenon projector retrofit for 03-06 Silverado.  We put h1 projectors into this retrofit with custom mounting due to the small size of the housing.  This set was custom painted in Inca Gold Pearl Metallic with chrome shrouds.  The lower running lights were a special order by our customer to have LED running lights and painted to match the headlights.

14-15 Chevy Silverado Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2017 to Chevrolet
Going out the door is a Silverado retrofit loaded with goodies.  We ditched the poop performing projector and replaced it with a Morimoto D2S 4.0 projector and for the high beams we added a single pod LED cube.  We added color changing demon eyes along with tinted aftermarket replacement blinker reflectors.  The entire housing was painted satin black.

03-06 Silverado NBS Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2017 to Chevrolet
Finished up this NBS Silverado retrofit today with a blacked out housing and matching blinkers.  The retrofit was painted satin black with a Bixenon H1 projector to assist in lighting up the road, paired with Mini Gatling Gun shrouds.

07-14 Tahoe Headlight Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/5/2017 to Chevrolet
This Tahoe retrofit received a Morimoto H1 bixenon projector along with a fake projector in the high beam for a uniform look. Red demon eyes were added for show and the entire housing was painted with our Matrix Black automotive paint and clear coated with Matrix AG40 Auto Glass. The set also received the first ever clear side reflector that we had specially made for this retrofit. 

99-02 Silverado Headlights

Posted by Administrator on 12/3/2016 to Chevrolet
Silverado retrofit using LSL bixenon projectors and Morimoto color changing halos. Everything was kept factory chrome for OEM styling. These are now listed on our site with many options to choose from.

99-02 Silverado Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 10/7/2016 to Chevrolet
Our client sent us his tinted headlights to get retrofitted for better light output then the crappy reflectors could provide specially while driving through the woods. We ripped them apart and added a Mighty Light bixenon projector along with Morimoto Color Changing halos for a little flare. As always they are paired with a Morimoto HID kit for the best output possible.

2007-2014 Chevy Tahoe

Posted by Administrator on 9/9/2016 to Chevrolet
Finished up a sweet Tahoe retrofit this week for a local client using Morimoto H1 projectors and a fake high projector. Projectors were pairs with E46 shrouds and the whole housing was painted color matched Graystone Metallic and Gloss Black.

10-13 Chevrolet Camaro Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/7/2016 to Chevrolet
If you have a 5th Gen Camaro without the upgraded OEM headlights here is your chance to get some replicas with way better components!  We retrofitted a brand new set of headlights with a Morimoto Bixenon Projectors paired with Orbit shrouds and Morimoto Switchback halos for killer day time running lights and blinker function.  The whole housing was painted Matte Black for a stealthy and clean look.

10-13 Chevrolet Camaro Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/17/2016 to Chevrolet
Finished up this subtle Camaro retrofit featuring a Morimoto Mini D2S Bixenon projector paired with an Orbit Shroud for more of an OEM look. We added a Switchback Morimoto Halo along with a nice satin black paint job.

10-13 Camaro Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 12/31/2015 to Chevrolet
Good way to end the 2015 and start off the new year with this fresh retrofit for a 2013 Camaro.  We retrofitted a Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projector into a brand new housing.  We painted the Apollo 3 shroud Crystal Claret Tintcoat and Satin Black to match our customers car.  Behind the shroud we added a Morimoto Switchback halo and finished it off with a full Morimoto HID kit.

02-06 Chevy Avalanche Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2015 to Chevrolet
Good evening everyone, we finished these a couple of weeks back for our mechanic responsible for the build of our show/drag neon. This is the third retrofit we have built for him and I think its safe to say he likes our retros. We used a Mini H1 Bixenon projector in his housing with a E46 shroud. The fit was tight but we made it work and finished everything off with a satin black paint job.