03-05 G35 Coupe Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 9/28/2016 to Infinity
Fully customized G35 retrofit that started its life as a boring chrome reflector based headlight. We stuffed them with two bixenon projectors per side along with RGB demon eyes in each projector. The blinker was modified to except another projector lens to finish off the clean look of the headlight. The whole housing was painted base black and clear coated for amazing gloss and protection.

03-05 Infinity G35 Quad Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/4/2016 to Infinity
Check out this sweet quad retrofit!  All OEM look with non of the OEM parts intact.  We ditched the poor reflector lighting and replaced it with two Morimoto Bixenon projectors in each light using CNC brackets provided by Custom Brackets Designs.  We paired the projectors with Gatling Gun shrouds and E46 extended shrouds to finish off the aesthetics of the light.  Lets not forget the custom blinker either we carefully cut out the amber and used a projector lens to perfectly fit into the blinker area.

2007 Infinity G35

Posted by Administrator on 11/27/2015 to Infinity
This is what an all out build looks like!  We took a stock OEM G35 headlights and went to town.  We added a clear lens to the main projector and tuned it for superior output.  We also added a fog light projectors to the headlight so our customer can have the max light output at night.  Each projector received Morimoto switchback halos and red demon eyes.  Everything was finished up with a flat black paint job.

04 G35 Coupe Quad Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 11/11/2015 to Infinity
This gem is going out to one of our customers that loves cars and loves our headlights. We did a full black out on this G35 headlight, custom blinker and red demon eyes. The best part is we got our hands on the first plug and play bracket system from Custom Brackets & Designs to make these headlights a fully functinal quad retrofit!

03-05 G35 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/19/2015 to Infinity
Well lets start the week with one clean OEM looking retro thats actually a pretty crazy build! This retro features quad bixenon projectors with Morimoto D2S projectors with E46 shrouds on bottom and Morimoto H1 projectors with Gatling Gun shrouds up top. If you look closely at the blinker area we also carefully cut out the amber and replaced it with a projector lens. In the side marker area we installed a Morimoto switch back led strip that lights up the whole area just perfectly! We kept the whole retro chrome as per customers request for that OEM look.