01-05 Lexus IS300 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/15/2017 to Lexus
Simplicity meets performance for this Lexus IS300 retrofit.  Nothing to crazy in this retrofit except a subtle satin black paint job, OEM looking projectors with one of our top projectors for performance.  Morimoto D2S has been our number one projector this year and it has yet to disappoint!

2010 Lexus ES350 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 9/11/2015 to Lexus
Finished up this subtle but yet very effective retrofit. From the outside it looks OEM and like nothing was done, but this retrofit is a sleeper. We ditched the crappy halogen projector and replaced with a bad ass AP1 S2K projector with a rare E30 clear lens upgrade. For some flash we added color changing demon eyes to the retro. We also added a Morimoto switchback led strip for day time running lights and blinker function.

01-05 Lexus IS300 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/12/2015 to Lexus
Our customer had a little fender bender and instead of getting plain stock lights he contact us for a custom build. His only request was to black out the headlight internally and gave us the go ahead to fit the light with what we though performed best and looked best. For this retrofit we painted and cleared coated everything inside the headlight. We retrofitted a Morimoto D2S Bixenon projector with Apollo 3 shroud that fit this light perfectly. To add a little flare we added Morimoto color changing demon eyes to the retro.

06 Lexus IS250 Custom Paint

Posted by Administrator on 7/8/2015 to Lexus
Well this was one sick paint job. I wish we had more pictures but our camera decided it didn't want to save any before we closed them up and packed them away. Thank god for camera phones. Gotta have it green paint stripe and green demons eyes finished off with a gloss black paint job.