94-01 Dodge Ram Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/26/2016 to Dodge
Wasn't easy fitting the big Apollo 3 shroud into such a small light but we managed to give our client exactly what he wanted. We outfitted this one peace headlight with a Morimoto H1 7.0 Projector and very trimmed Apollo 3 shrouds and some 80mm Morimoto Color Changing Halos. The housing was painted Satin black with Satin White accents.

03-05 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/23/2016 to Dodge
Another one of our custom retrofits featuring a projector blinker for a Dodge Neon SRT 4.  This set is stuffed with a Morimoto FXR projector utilizing our CNC brackets.  Behind the custom blinker we have a custom LED switchback to match the Morimoto Switchback halos behind the Apollo 3 shrouds.  The whole housing was painted black and clear coated.

09-15 Evo X Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/19/2016 to Mitsubishi
When you cant decide on a single Demon Eye color just go with the Morimoto Color Changing Demon eyes options for your EvoX. Controlled via remote with over 15 colors and multiple functions to choose from! The housing of this retrofit was painted a nice matte black finish to give it the stealthy look.

09-UP Ram Headlights

Posted by Administrator on 8/16/2016 to Dodge
For all the Dodge Ram guys here is a color matched retrofit we recently completed in Mineral Gray Metallic with Gloss Black side reflector and shroud.  We got rid of the stock halogen projector and replaced with a Morimoto FXR D2S projector with an Etched lens for show.  The OEM DRL boards also had to go and replaced with Diode Dynamics switchback boards for pure white running lights and amber blinker function!.

15-16 Dodge Charger

Posted by Administrator on 8/9/2016 to Dodge
Just WOW!  This is one of our favorite builds to this date.  Words cant describe the how beautiful these Hellcat Charger headlights turned out.  The housing was color matched to our clients paint code perfectly.  We ditched the factory DRL boards for Diode Dynamics RGBW color changing boards operated with a wireless remote control.  Our friends at Long Shot Lighting did the kick ass Hell Cat etched lenses that got paired with RGBW Demon eyes to match the DRL boards for an all out kick ass look.

10-13 Chevrolet Camaro Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/7/2016 to Chevrolet
If you have a 5th Gen Camaro without the upgraded OEM headlights here is your chance to get some replicas with way better components!  We retrofitted a brand new set of headlights with a Morimoto Bixenon Projectors paired with Orbit shrouds and Morimoto Switchback halos for killer day time running lights and blinker function.  The whole housing was painted Matte Black for a stealthy and clean look.

14-16 Toyota Tundra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 8/1/2016 to Toyota
This set is getting shipped off all the way to Qatar! We used a Tundra Platinum headlight for starters and outfitted it with a Morimoto D2S projectors paired with Osram CBI Bulbs. We added a switchback halos and a switchback DRL strip to the lower section to improve brightness over OEM and give the headlights an amber function. The whole housing was painted a nice Satin black finish.

99-06 GMC Sierra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/31/2016 to GMC
Sweet little retrofit we just finished with a full color match on the headlights and the blinkers. We retrofitted a Morimoto H1 Bixenon projector into this set of lights along with Color Changing Morimoto Halos and Demon Eyes.

03-05 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2016 to Dodge

Making our clients vision a reality with this color matched SRT 4 Retrofit. We outfitted the headlight with all Morimoto goodies which included Morimoto H1 projector, Morimoto Switchback Demon Eyes and Switchback Halos. The internals were painted Satin black and Satin Orange Blast for a gorgeous unique and stand out from the crowd look.

08-09 Pontiac G8 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/26/2016 to Pontiac
Heading out the door is this gorgeous Pontiac G8 retrofit that got a full performance and aesthetics treatment.  We ditched the crappy low beam halogen projector for a Morimoto Bixenon H1 projector to get maximum possible output out of these lights.  For subtle but gorgeous aesthetics we replaced the factory projector shrouds with a Panamera Switchback LED shroud that our client can use as Day Time Running lights and Blinkers.  The shroud was color matched to factory Evoke Metallic and the rest painted gloss black.

07-12 Dodge Caliber Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/14/2016 to Dodge
This retrofit is off to Switzerland this week with a HALOGEN retrofit, that's right due to the finicky can-bus system in the Calibers, our client requested a Halogen Low/High Beam projector to be installed in his headlights. We covered the projector with Apollo 3 shrouds, added color changing demon eyes and color changing halos and finished up the whole retrofit with a nice gloss black paint job.

12-15 Toyota Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/10/2016 to Toyota
We love to color match retrofits whenever possible and this retrofit was no exception.  We retrofitted this Tacoma with a Morimoto 7.0 H1 projector and Apollo 3 shrouds.  We added color changing demon eyes and switchback halos hidden behind the shroud.  Our client wanted to promote going outdoors so he had us etch the lenses to read "Get Outside".  The housing was painted with Barcelona Red and Satin black finish for a nice color contrast.

2007-2013 GMC Sierra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/6/2016 to GMC
We are in love with this retrofit honestly, it is one of the most perfect fitting retrofits we have ever done when it comes to OEM styling and aftermarket performance combined.  Our client knew exactly what he wanted when he sent us over his lights, which was a full out chrome retrofit with quad projectors and the newly release Morimoto X5 switchback shrouds which fit this headlight like a glove.

15-UP Ford Mustang Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 7/4/2016 to Ford
We had a local customer swing by this weekend with his 2015 Mustang for a Diode Dynamics DRL board upgrade and a Morimoto RGB halo ring upgrade.  We kept the headlight chrome for the factory look with some hidden flash that can be controlled with a wireless remote.

2015 Toyota Yaris Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2016 to Toyota
Another addition to our Toyota line up with a 2015 Yaris retrofit.  Our client request brand new headlight to be retrofitted with Morimoto 7.0 H1 projector paired with Apollo 2 shrouds and a white halo.  We left the headlight chrome for the OEM look with aftermarket lighting performance.

14-UP Toyota Tundra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/18/2016 to Toyota
These gorgeous blacked out retros are getting ready to head out the door to meet the new owner! We retrofitted this set with a Morimoto Mini D2S with Panamera LED shrouds. We also took a non Platinum headlight and added our own touch of LED Day Time Running lights on the lower portion of the headlight. The whole housing was painted Gloss black and Clear coated for an amazing shine.

EvoX Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/15/2016 to Mitsubishi
We are happy to introduce our first ever EvoX retrofit a full color changing Halo, Demon Eyes and Moon Halo!  We started with a DEPO brand headlight and thats about it, we ditched the projector for an upgraded Morimoto EvoX projector from The Retrofit Source.  Now to the craziness of the build, we added color changing demon eyes, color changing 3/4 front halo and color changing moon halo and the best part? they all work off one Bluetooth controller that is controller via cell phone app.

EvoX Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/12/2016 to Mitsubishi
Finished up a gorgeous set of Evo X headlights that feature every goody imaginable.  We started with a fresh set of DEPO headlights, ditched the crappy halogen projector and replaced with a Morimoto EvoX-R D2S based projector for maximum output.  We added Morimoto 3/4 front color changing halo, color changing demon eyes, and on the side we added a white "moon halo".  

2012-UP Scion FRS Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/7/2016 to Scion
So we finally got a hold of some Scion FRS headlights to retrofit and it turned out just as amazing as expected.  We didn't go to crazy with the retrofit because our client just wanted some nice paint and great output.  We used Winjet brand headlights as the donors and ditched the crappy projector they came with and replaced with a Morimoto D2S Bixenon projector along with OEM D2S bulbs and OEM Toyota ballast.  The whole housing was painted Asphalt Metallic and clear coated.

03-05 Dodge Neon

Posted by Administrator on 6/5/2016 to Dodge
Well finished up one of the top of the line retrofits we offer for a Dodge Neon. We used a Morimoto H1 bixenon projector for the build along with a two tone Apollo 2 shroud that we paint matched to our clients vehicle color. We ditched the factory blinker bulb and custom molded a projector lens in for the new blinker with switchback leds behind it. The main shroud and the blinker also feature Morimoto color changing halos for a lot of flash that is controlled via wireless controller.

12-15 Toyota Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 6/4/2016 to Toyota
We kept the lens off this retrofit just for the pictures to show off the amazing paint job.  We outfitted this Tacoma with a Morimoto H1 7.0 bixenon projector with Apollo 3 shrouds and Red Demon eyes and Red Halos.  The shroud and the amber reflector were painted Toyota white and the rest of the housing painted gloss black.  Enjoy the pictures.

15-UP Honda Fit Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/28/2016 to Honda
How these lights should of came from the factory!  Packing an RX350 bixenon projector with a clear lens upgrade for maximum output.  The retrofit was kept all chrome and fitted with Apollo 2 shrouds that contoured the reflector perfectly.    The retrofit is still retaining all its factory functions such as low/high beam function along with its factory adjustment capabilities.

2003-2007 Honda Accord Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2016 to Honda
Check out this shiny retrofit that just got completed. Full chrome OEM look with all aftermarket performance goodies. First off we retrofitted the housing with a Morimoto Mini H1 Bixenon projector and covered it up with a Apollo 3 Shroud. The color changing demon eyes used were from LED Concepts and the sleek color changing Halo is a Morimoto brand halo which we absolutely love.

10-13 Chevrolet Camaro Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/17/2016 to Chevrolet
Finished up this subtle Camaro retrofit featuring a Morimoto Mini D2S Bixenon projector paired with an Orbit Shroud for more of an OEM look. We added a Switchback Morimoto Halo along with a nice satin black paint job.

EvoX Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2016 to Mitsubishi
Finished up this gorgeous satin black EvoX retrofit with a Morimoto EvoX clear lens projector upgrade. Along with the upgrade included a bunch of LED goodies. red moon halo, red Demon eyes and a 3/4 front facing white halo.
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