05-11 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/30/2016 to Toyota
We love to make our clients visions come true specially with this Tacoma retrofit.  We managed to give our client exactly what he was looking for down to the last detail.  We did a two tone paint job using Satin Black and Gloss Radiant Red to match the truck.  For the projector we of course used a Morimoto H1 7.0 bixenon projector with TRD lens etching paired with a Apollo 2 shroud and Red Demon Eyes.  Behind the projector we have some hidden Morimoto color changing halos running off a Morimoto plug and play harness and a IR remote.  

2014 Toyota Tundra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/29/2016 to Toyota
Getting ready to ship out these sweet retros to meet their new Barcelona Red Tundra.  We used Morimoto D2S projector this retrofit paired with Panamara switchback shrouds to match the factory platinum bottom DRL.  The housing was painted gloss black and paint match Toyota Barcelona Red.  Enjoy!

05-11 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/21/2016 to Toyota
Back to doing what we do best, OEM look with aftermarket performance.  We stuffed an awesome Morimoto FXR D2S projector in this bad ass set up and enclosed the projector with a Iris shroud for a sleek and clean look.  Also paired with the retrofit is a Morimoto SwitchBack halo and a full Morimoto HID kit.

99-04 Ford F150 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/20/2016 to Ford
Check out this chromed out retrofit we just finished.  No fancy LED rings or Demon eyes just strait OEM look and Non-Oem output.  The retrofit consists of all morimoto components for the best output possible.  Enjoy

12-UP Toyota Camry

Posted by Administrator on 4/18/2016 to Toyota
We just finished up this amazing retrofit that is headed out to meet its award winning show car.  Nothing was spared on t his retrofit, from performance to flash.  We two tone painted the housing in copper metallic and color matched white.  For performance we added an RX350 tuned projector along with CNC brackets for perfect adjustment.  Now for the LED work we paired the light with LED concepts sequential LED strip and Morimoto Halos and Demon Eyes.  Enjoy!

03-05 Dodge Neon

Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2016 to Dodge
Check out this gorgeous light we just finished. One of the nicest two tones we have ever done for a Dodge Neon along with real carbon fiber. The light features mini H1 bixenon projectors with blue demon eyes and Apollo 2 shrouds that were paint matched Electric Blue.

02-05 Dodge Ram Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/6/2016 to Dodge
What a fun build this was! We are partial to mopars so maybe thats why we liked it so much. You are looking at a gloss white and gloss black retrofit using Morimoto H1 Bixenon projector that had etched lenses with a RAM logo. We used a panamara DRL shroud to give this retrofit even more flash then it already had.

14-UP Tundra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 4/2/2016 to Toyota
Been waiting to do these Tundra lights for a while for one reason and one reason only. Custom DRL for the non-platinum Tundras. We added 8 individual super flux LEDs in each headlight for a uniform and bright DRL. The headlight also features Morimoto D2S bixenon projectors with Apollo 2 shrouds and switchback halos. The whole housing was painted gloss black and clear coated for protection and amazing shine. Enjoy!

05-11 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/28/2016 to Toyota
This might be one of our favorite Tacoma builds, something about the all gloss black housing and the chrome Apollo 3 shroud just makes this build pop.  We retrofitted this headlight with a Morimoto 7.0 Bixenon projector, of course painted the whole housing black with clear coat for added gloss and protection.  Now to the LED goodies, behind the shroud we have a Morimoto Switchback halo for running light/blinker, inside the projector we have color changing demon eyes, and outside of the shroud is a color changing LED ring.  Enjoy!

07-13 Toyota Tundra Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2016 to Toyota
Seams like we are expending our Toyota trucks line up with this freshly built Tundra retrofit.  Our customer requested a simple retrofit with more performance then flash which is always appreciated.  We started with a fresh set of headlights and retrofitted a RX350 Bixenon projector along with STI clear lens upgrade and some tuning for best output.  The projector was paired with Apollo 2 shrouds for a nice clean look.

05-15 Toyota Tacoma LED Taillights

Posted by Administrator on 3/13/2016 to Toyota
Something new to our Tacoma line up which is this awesome set of custom Taillights.  Check it out its a perfect match for your retrofit headlights!

03-05 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/7/2016 to Dodge
We know these have some flash but dont miss the sick two tone paint job we layed down on this retrofit. The retrofit consists of a Mini H1 Bixenon projector, Apollo 3 shrouds and Morimoto color changing halos. Enjoy!

2014 Kawasaki Zx10r

Posted by Administrator on 3/6/2016 to Kawasaki
So this little headlight is not fun at all! Even the smallest projectors barely fit this retrofit properly.  We added a Morimoto 7.0 Bixenon projector to this set of headlights with mini gatling gun shrouds.  The design of this headlight gives the halos a mean 3/4 eye look which looks pretty sweet when they are on.  Also added was a pair of color changing demon eyes.

12-15 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 3/2/2016 to Toyota
Finished up this color matched Tacoma retrofit this week.  We outfitted the headlight with a Morimoto H1 7.0 Bixenon projector paired with a set of white color matched Apollo 3 shrouds and a Morimoto Color Changing LED ring behind the shroud.  The rest of the housing was painted gloss black.

00-02 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/28/2016 to Dodge
A little change this time with a second gen Neon retrofit. We outfitted the headlight with a Mini H1 projector along with a Apollo 3 shroud. Behind the shroud is Morimoto Color changing halo and purple demon eyes. The whole housing was painted a nice satin black finish.

12-15 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/24/2016 to Toyota
We have been getting busy with Tacoma retrofits lately and who can blame us when the headlights are this beautiful.  This set houses a Morimoto D2S projector paired with Apollo 3 shroud and a full Morimoto HID Kit.  We painted the housing gloss black and painted the shroud Magnetic Gray Metallic to color match our clients truck.

12-15 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/22/2016 to Toyota
Simple yet powerful retrofit made for the good ol' Taco.  Our client had one request, make it bright with an amazing cut off.  We did just that using Morimoto FXR projector tuned using Osram CBI bulbs for the best output possible.  The housing was painted all Satin Black with the amber reflector lightly tinted satin black.

05-11 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/21/2016 to Toyota
Sweet "Storm Trooper" themed retrofit getting ready to ship to its new home!  To power these retros we used nothing but the best brand in the business, Morimoto H1 Bixenon Projectors along with Morimoto HID kit.  All the LED goodies were also provided by Morimoto, featuring color changing halos for behind the shroud and switchback halos in front of the shroud.  Don't think we need to say much about the paint job except just amazing!  Housing was painted with PPG gloss black and white accents along with a tinted turn signal.  Enjoy the pictures!

Honda RC51 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/19/2016 to Honda
Check out this cool OEM looking retrofit! Our customer sent us brand new headlights to get retrofitted for his Honda RC51.  We stuffed a nice Morimoto Mini D2S Bixenon projector into these bad boys along with Apollo 3 shrouds.  

03-05 Dodge Neon SRT 4 Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/15/2016 to Dodge
This set features one of our most unique mods we do here, which is a custom projector lens blinker. This headlight features a Morimoto FXR projector mated with our custom CNC brackets. We added Morimoto Demon Eyes, Halos, and Halos to the blinker. For the blinker we also added Morimoto Switchback halos to retain safety while having awesome headlights.

03-05 Infinity G35 Quad Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 2/4/2016 to Infinity
Check out this sweet quad retrofit!  All OEM look with non of the OEM parts intact.  We ditched the poor reflector lighting and replaced it with two Morimoto Bixenon projectors in each light using CNC brackets provided by Custom Brackets Designs.  We paired the projectors with Gatling Gun shrouds and E46 extended shrouds to finish off the aesthetics of the light.  Lets not forget the custom blinker either we carefully cut out the amber and used a projector lens to perfectly fit into the blinker area.

12-15 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 1/29/2016 to Toyota
OEM style and a little custom paint can go a long way.  The gorgeous retro has just the right amount of chrome and paint to make it stand out.  We outfitted a brand new set of headlights a Morimoto FXR D2S bixenon projector for kick ass output.  Appollo 3 chrome shroud was used to cover up the massive projector and painted the reflector and front trim gloss black.

12-15 Tacoma Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2016 to Toyota
Finished one of favorites vehicles to do retrofits on! We outfitted with TACO light with Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Bixenon projectors with Gatling Gun 2.0 shrouds and color changing halos.  We painted the whole headlights in a nice satin black finish, and paired with a full plug and play Morimoto HID kit.

03-05 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 1/26/2016 to Dodge
This is the most insane retrofit we have ever done for a Dodge Neon.  This retro is so special it went to one of our old customers that owns another one of a kind retro from us.  This retrofit features every option you could possibly imagine!  We went with FXR projectors adapted to our CNC brackets with a real carbon fiber reflector.  We added a custom blinker into the headlight utilizing a 2.5 in clear lens.  The extra goodies include dual etched lenses, dual color changing halos, color changing demon eyes and switchback halos in the blinker.  Pretty much to sum it all up, they are amazing!

03-05 Dodge Neon Retrofit

Posted by Administrator on 1/16/2016 to Dodge
I think its safe to say our customer like the purple!  We did a full set of headlights and fog lights in gloss black along with purple LED goodies.  The headlights feature Morimoto Bixenon projector with Apollo 3 shroud and fog lights feature rare "Blazer" projectors.  
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